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Rayat industries LLC offers engineering services to a variety of industries. We can implement small and large fabrication jobs and in-house, on-field activities in a practical way to attain maximum efficient results.

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We have a certified team of welders, fabricators, technicians, and engineers to achieve any hard fabrication jobs.


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We provide welding jobs for different steel grades, stainless steel, ferrous, non-ferrous castings like alloy steel and alloy cast irons.


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We include innovative and smart technologies in the mechanical industry which help us become a pioneer in the global market.


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We have supreme control over all products, procedures, risks, and costs from concept design to manufacturing to delivery.

Featured Products

RAYAT INDUSTRIES has the facilities to produce ferrous and nonferrous castings including alloy steels alloy cast irons, copper alloys, bronze, zinc, austenitic cast iron, aluminum, medium alloy steels, wear and impact resistant steels.

Post Tension provides advantages over convention designs. Post Tension increases the strength of the material and give more strong meterials using less thick materials and you know what. Rayath Industries got you covered.

RAYAT INDUSTRIES has the facilities to produce ferrous and non ferrous castings.We can produce bowls, impellers, volutes, columns, etc for the pump industry We also manufacture spouts, mill and table liners,  hammer components etc.

Engineering ferrous casting generally attained through shell casting or sand casting. Engineers and designers might be interested in their yield strength. Rayath Industries facilitiates all these methods for casting.

Providing industrial services we have earned a lot Good well over the year

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